In booked, you can only add ONE plugin name for each plugin type (PreReservation, PostReservation, etc.) which, for many booked users, is fine as they don't use many plugins anyway.

However, in the instance of someone writing small, one-off function types of plugins, or, of course, purchasing several of our tools (for instance CHARGE and Simultaneous Reservation Limiter - two popular products that run as PreReservation plugins :), you need the Multiple package.

In booked, you set the PreReservation plugin to 'MultiplePreReservationPlugin' and do the configuration of the multiple plugins in the config of the Multiple plugin instead of the config file (more details in the instructions!)

You can set as many in a 'row' as you like, giving them priority as you want (you may want to put the Simultaneous Reservation Limiter before CHARGE for instance, in order to have that limit checked before worrying about if the user has credits or not, etc.) As various plugins do various things, setting the priority for each of the 'Add', 'Delete', 'Update' and 'Approval' scenarios is nice to have (though we rarely use it for anything 'fancy', we would typically set Simultaneous Reservation Limiter as the primary 'Add' and 'Update' plugin as it does nothing on 'Update' and 'Approve', so CHARGE would be primary for those settings).

In this way, you can have all your plugins running at the same time within booked!

I trust this clears things up.

If you have additional questions, please let us know.
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